Other Successful Berklee Alumni

Index by Professional Field

(& Top Post-Berklee Degree)

If exploring a career, I strongly recommend that you glance at all relevant interviews, as people in the same field can have very different jobs.


Business Entrepreneur (tech/photography):  Ben Maitland-Lewis


Data & Research:

Education & Training:

Engineering (Mechanical):  Owen Davies (M)

Fashion (Entrepreneur) :  Sarah Demarco



Human Services Non-Profit Admin.:


Marketing & Sales:

Medicine & Therapy:

(Print/Web) Publishing (Admin / Product Development):  Jonas Bergmann-Bjornsson

Real Estate

Religion (Youth Pastor & Admin. Asst.):  Jonathan Lotson (M)




M = Masters Degree (but not an MBA).

B = Bachelors Degree
AA = Associates Degree.

* Jordan’s and Andy’s JD degrees are irrelevant to their careers and in no way should be considered prerequisites for their fields.


Index by Year of Graduation (and Major)

2016:  John Lahr (MB)

2015:  Cam Bjork (EPD), Jessica Prouty (MB), Cambria Russell-Herrera (f. Russell) (MB), Sarah Inoue Virk (MB)

2014:  Luis Augusto (MP&E), Kyle Billings (MB),  Leah Hinton (MB), India Thomson (MB)

2013:  Jonas Bergmann-Bjornsson (Film), Troy Church (MB), Prayre Finley (MB), Adam Kirschner (MB), Alexia Layne-Lomon (Pro.), Chelsea McKinney (MP&E), Max Pohl (MB), Jared Winegrad (MB), Shawn Young-Eagle (MB)

2012:  Mark Bruning (CWP), Dawn-Marie Dunn (EPD + Pro.), Casey Kidd (CWP), Jonathan Lotson (Pro.), Jeremy Moccia (MB + Song)

2011:  Eric DeVaughn (Perf), Ryan Driscoll (MB), Kayla Lee (MB), Gabriella  Mastrangelo (formerly Howard) (MB), Jonathan Schwarz (CWP)

2010:  Ama Atobrah (EPD), Chloe Bean (CWP), Michael Benson (MB), John Branch (EPD), Matt Clear (MP&E), Michael Hazani (Song), Omid Majdi (MP&E), Will Stettler (Pro), Dan Thompson (MB), Brittany Vendryes (MB)

2009:  Katie Amaral (MB + EPD), Will Cady (Pro), Claudia Caliano-Rida (f. Caliano) (MB), Sarah Demarco (MB), Jack Goodall (MB), Doug Guttenberg (MB), Jeff Holden (Pro), Brian Orlando (MB + Perf), Nick Potvin (Film), Mark Schafer (MB)

2008:  Matt Boyle (Pro), Owen Davies (MP&E), Bob DeVaughn (MB), Anna Eliopoulos (MP&E + Perf), Loren Khulusi (MP&E), Stephanie Olmanni (EPD + Film) Priya Prins (MP&E), Jesse Reese (MB), Charlie Shaughnessy (MB + Perf), Santiago Sinisterra (MP&E), Clay Southworth (MB), Michael Wright (MB)

2007:  Patrick Brusil (MB),  Mark Dudek (Perf), Christmas Eger (MB), Ryan Heenan (MB), King Yan Kwok (MTh), Phil Lee (MB), Braydon Nelson (Pro), John Sauer (J. Comp), Debra Gail White (MB)

2006:  Tom BoatesScott Brown (MB), Jordan Cusner (MB), Eric Hutchinson (Pro). Ben Maitland-Lewis (MB), Dr. Jenny Martin (Song),  Glenn Romero (MB), J. Russell (MP&E),  Tyler Witkin (Pro), Andy Zhang (MB)

2005:  Adam Baliban (MB), Kyle Batter (Comp. + Film), Charlotte Moore (MB + MP&E)

1999:  Dr. Dana Robertson (Perf)


Also see the following indices:

Special Categories  (second jobs, entrepreneurs, managers, information technology)

Music-Business-Majors Only.

Non-MB Majors Only.



Everyone interviewed self-reported meeting the following criteria:

  1. Received their first Bachelors Degree from Berklee College of Music.
  2. On track to earn at least $45,000/year (or the equivalent in foreign currency).
  3. Income is mainly through a non-music job which they enjoy.  They expect to be working in their field for years to come.