Successful Berklee Alumni #2: Prayre Finley

Prayre Finley


Prayre Current Headshot

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Graduated in 2013 with a major in Music Business.  Principal instrument:  voice.

Positions:  Co-runs the family business, ELF’s Cakery, substitute teacher in local high schools, private academic tutor (mostly math) and music instructor (voice & piano).  Prayre also does freelance design work (resumes, websites), and still gigs with corporate/wedding bands and does original music.

Overview:  Prayre moved home (Atlanta, GA) after graduation.  While at Berklee, all of her business-related projects used her family business, and were implemented.  She works there part time.  For over six months she worked at a bank, but didn’t like it.  She had wanted to teach, but was rejected when she applied to work as a substitute teacher in the summer of 2013.  One year later a regular customer of ELF’s Cakery who worked as a substitute teacher gave her advice on how to apply and make herself a desirable candidate (what her resume should look like, etc.) and put in the good  word for her.  She was accepted, and started substitute teaching in the fall of 2014.  Substitute teaching doesn’t pay great, but the hours are flexible, and substitute teaching gets her many (well-paying) private students.  She hopes to open her own school one day!


You can view her LinkedIn profile here.

Choice quotes:  “The business part of the (Berklee) degree has helped me be a better performer, because I understand more about the business so I know how to approach situations.  I know how to keep up with people.  I know the importance of building that brand and how to market yourself and your image.”

“It will be tough, but there are things out there that you can find to do that will still fulfill your financial obligations while  allowing you to pursue your passion in music as well.  Don’t have unrealistic expectations.  Give yourself time and it’s OK to stay at home until you figure it out.  Had I tried to just completely go out on my own from the beginning, I might have had to stay at the bank and been completely unhappy.”




Prayre at cakery


Prayre in full regalia at ELF’s Cakery.  The website is her work and she co-manages the business, handling the publicity and all of the financials, and sometimes helps at the counter.

“Business is booming!”


Prayre at Berklee


Prayre at Berklee, singing with the “Divas Ensemble.”  A voice principal, Prayre stated Berklee as a Performance major but switched to Music Business upon deciding that it would be better for her career.


Prayre continues to do original music as well as perform in cover bands.  Follow the links to two of her recent songs: the very-danceable Cameras and the soulful Fool of Me.

Here’s her musician Facebook page, where she uses the stage name “Prayre Aneu.”


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