Successful Berklee Alumni #6: Charlie Shaughnessy

Charlie Shaughnessy

Graduated in 2008 with a double-major in Performance and Music Business.  Principal Instrument:  Guitar.

Position:  Wireless telecommunications brand advocate at MarketSource, Inc.  Charlie visits retailers of cell phones in his territory, providing training, support, and connecting with sales managers in support of Microsoft products.

Overview:  Graduating during the worst job market in decades, Charlie moved back home (Washington State).  He made a living doing three jobs:  gigging and local touring with bands, working at Best Buy selling cell phones (for near minimum wage) and helping at his brother’s funeral home.  During his almost-3 years at Best Buy he became friendly with the product vendors.  One day he asked one of them about their job.  She described a job to his liking put in the good word for him, which got him an interview.  He was hired to to product vending/support part time, and was promoted to his full-time position within a year.

You can see his LinkedIn profile here.

Choice Quotes: “I made a really good decision by focusing on the business aspect (of music).  I think some of those business classes should be required.”

“Networking and relationship building is what it really boils down to–at least in this field–for us in the corporate environment.  There are plenty of opportunities that students at Berklee can seize to do (and learn) this naturally…You’re putting together bands with people you see in the hall, doing different projects, etc.”


Charlie (on the left) during his Berklee days, doing what Performance majors to best.
Charlie (on the left) during his Berklee days, doing what Performance majors do best


Charlie S today guitarMusic remains part of Charlie’s life to this day.  He continues both to play, built a recording studio in his home where he works with local bands, and is partnering with a guitar store to provide lessons.







Charlie S today moutains2015:  Charlie has climbed out of the valley, and points triumphantly at the even higher peaks he intends to climb–an excellent metaphor for his post-Berklee career!







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