Successful Berklee Alumni #8: Leah Hinton

Leah Hinton

Graduated in 2014 with a major in Music Business. Principal instrument:  voice.

Position:  Staffing coordinator at RAD Employment Services, a temp agency.  Leah recruits and evaluated workers interested in temporary work and send appropriate people to client companies.

Overview:  While still a student at Berklee Leah worked for RAD as a temp worker (sent out to other offices), as a way to make money during breaks.  After graduation she planned to continue with that, but, having done well in various assignments, the RAD hired her directly as a part-time administrative employee.  At one point the office shrank and Leah was one of multiple people laid off, but soon afterward one of their full-time staffing coordinators left and Leah was contacted and offered that vacated position.

You can see her LinkedIn profile here.

Choice quotes: ” Studying business prepared me for my job in the sense that I learned how to speak well to people, how to interview, work with computers, work on documents.  I think a business education is helpful for everything, and it’s important to at least have the basics of that.  Working in the Berklee offices as a work-study student helped me as well. ”

“There are so many avenues you can take both in music and in business.  Don’t feel that you’re nothing if you’re not the rising pop star.  The skills you learn help you be confident and put youself out there.”



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