Successful Berklee Alumni #101: Lynette Johnson

Lynette Johnson

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Graduated in 2011 with majors in Music Business and Contemporary Writing & Production.  Principal instrument:  bassoon.


Position:  Financial analyst at Lockheed Martin, a major aerospace and defense contractor with nearly 100,000 employees.  Lynette oversees $35,000,000 of contracts (for her company to produce things).  She makes sure that all aspects are funded and that her company is not overspending.  She look at data, makes reports, and works closely with Accounting and other departments to make sure everything goes smoothly from the financial end.

Overview:  Lyneete did the Music Business internship in L.A. during her last semester, handing social media publicity for a small label, and that turned into a part-time job after graduation.  After a year, she was promoted to be their full-time operations person–paying bills, tracking expenses, etc.  That got her a taste in finance.  After a year at doing that, Lynette left and started her own online social media company, doing website management for mostly music-related clients, but she decided that she wanted a career in finance.  In 2015 she applied to the Masters in Applied Finance program at the University of Wellington (New Zealand).  She loved the country and could get a degree there for about half the cost of doing so at an American University.

Once she had her Masters degree, Lynette returned home to South Carolina in January, 2017.  She got a temporary job with the South Carolina Dept. of Revenue processing people’s taxes, and continued to search and apply for a finance-related job.  In June she was hired into her current job.


You can seen Lynette’s LinkedIn profile here.


Choice Quotes:  “What I like most about being a financial analyst is that I get to learn all of the moving parts that it takes to fund a contract. In addition to putting my math and excel skills to the test, I get to solve problems, and interact with many departments. Every day brings something new and I especially enjoy assisting and helping employees with their financial questions.”

“Career paths can change at any time.  First I was thinking I’d get the finance degree and work in the entertainment industry, but I ended up elsewhere and I’m very happy where I’m at.”

“At Berklee I got to meet people from all kinds of countries. That helped me a bunch–as did some good finance-related courses in the Music Business major, such as Economics and Statistics.”

Apply to any job that would even be somewhat in your field.  Even if you don’t want to stay in a job forever, it can be a stepping stone into other good jobs.   It’s also good practice:  if you have that dream job you want, apply and interview with 5-10 other companies first and you’ll be prepared to get that dream job.”


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