Successful Berklee Alumni #196: Dayle Duran

Dayle Duran
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Graduated in 2012 with majors in Professional Music and Contemporary Writing & Production. Principal instrument: voice.

Position: Privacy Analyst (in-house corporate attorney) at Wellframe, a healthcare-related tech startup in Boston that sells software as a service, helping health insurers direct people toward the most effective (and cost-effective) treatments. Dayle is on their four-person legal team, focusing on making sure their software remains in line with privacy-related regulations and expectations. She assesses projects in development for relevant privacy-related risk, and evaluate third-party contracts for the same.

Overview: At Berklee, Dayle was briefly a Music Business major and really liked a class on copyright. After graduating Berklee, Dayle quickly found a full-time job teaching music at a boys & girls club in Boston, which she did for a couple of years. By the end of that, Dayle was feeling underchallenged and, decided that eventually she wanted to be an entertainment lawyer. She did some other jobs, including teaching skiing and working at a digital marketing company, while she studied for the LSAT test and took it (twice, the second time after more rigorous preparation). Dayle applied to law schools and got into her top choice, NorthEastern University School of Law. The school is progressive and has a good co-op program that gives good work experience.

Starting law school in the fall of 2016, Dayle focused on intellectual property. However, with many tech-related issues, privacy-related law “was becoming the hot new thing”, so she focused on that. After graduation in the spring of 2019, she studied for and passed the bar exam, while also spending a month to pass another test to be a certified information privacy professional. By November that was all set, and in December Dayle applied and got a job as a privacy-related compliance analyst at a consulting firm. Then the pandemic hit and she was furloughed (effectively laid off). She reached out to people in search of a new job and connected with her now-boss, whom she had met at a professional networking event. Dayle was hired into her current position in August, 2020.

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Choice Quotes: “It’s a really fast-paced environment, which I appreciate, because it keeps me on my toes and I’m never bored. There’s anways something new I need to think about or look at with a different lens…Honestly when I was at Berklee I expected a desk job to be very boring and routine. This is the opposite of boring!”

“I have to have enough complicated rule sets on recall to know where I need to look when there’s something I don’t know. It’s a combination of knowledge and looking things up. It’s like Jazz improvisation–you need to know your scales so that when you improv you do so knowing the basics and where you need to end up.”

“Law school felt like being a first semester student at Berklee again — drinking from a firehose and getting help wherever I can get it. (I started Berklee not reading music or having any real formal music training.) But it was great. It challenged me in a way in a way I never was challenged before. It’s cool when an opportunity makes you rise to your highest potential, or shows you you have more potential than you thought you did. It was equal parts painful, exciting, and enriching.”

“The rigor of seriously pursuing music prepared me to throw myself into something and focus on it. At Berklee I’d shut myself in a practice room for hours and work on a song. That same work ethic has served me in all the jobs I’ve had since. That focus and willingness to put in the time to really work on something has served me as a human as well as a lawyer.”

At Berklee I was surrounded by music all the time and it felt like more of a job. Now when I close my eyes and listen to an album I’ve found that joy again. I have a relationship with music now that I enjoy more now.”

“Talk to the people who have the job you’d want. I’ve never had anyone say no to me. Ask them real questions to — do they like their job? etc. Find out whatever it is you really want to know about that job….Any current students or alum hearing this trying to figure things out and interested in law, I’m 100% available to chat.”





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