Successful Berklee/BoCo Grad #219: Anthony Divastanzo

Anthony Divastanzo
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Graduated in 2014 from the Boston Conservatory with a degree in Musical Theater.

Position: Anthony works as an event planner at a large hedge fund. He plans and organizes half a dozen very large internal corporate events each year, each one attended by over 1,000 people. Anthony also has a side job where he writes screenplays.

Overview: After graduation Anthony moved to NYC. He had a photography busiess which was doing well, but was a side thing. Anthony worked various side jobs, then got an equity acting position as part of the cast of the Little Shop of Horrors musical which was touring, but found that he didn’t enjoy performing, as there was no room for creativity. Returning to NYC, Anthony was working various temp jobs. A friend recommended him for a corporate concierge position at this hedge fund, promising Anthony he’d never be bored, and Anthony took the position in late 2016.

While he thought the position would be temporty, Anthony really liked the job. By the end of 2017, he was part of the CEO’s Orchestration team, helping set up meeting spaces, offices, etc. When the pandemic hit that work was drying up, so Anthony transitioned to HR and worked on the team that handled the company’s COVID testing program. As that eased off in early 2022, Anthony got his dream position on being the fund’s event planner.

Choice Quotes: “For myself, musical theater is fabulous and I love it–but what was the joy? For me it was storytelling and creative problem solving. That’s what I enjoy the most. Instead of donig it literally I took it to the concept of storytelling. What am I doing to refine that concept as a storyteller. If you can release yourself from the literal your world will open up in ways you may never have imagined! Find the creativity (or whatever you want) in different opportunities.”

“BoCo will prepare you well for planning because you’ll be dealing with so many personalities to navigate and collaborate with. What I loved about BoCo is that you’ve had to deal with so many big personalties (students, faculty, others) and learned to thrive and hold your own in that space.”

Give yourself grace, be gentle with yourself, and know you’re safe. If yo’ure not feeling safe, do what you need to ground yourself in reality. Careers take time. They ebb and flow and change like water. Don’t pressure yourself to have a large amount of money or a certain position by a young age. All of that will come.”

“If you can be the calm one in the room, you will get ahead.”





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