Successful Berklee Alumni #223: Mario Taddeo Jr.

Mario Taddeo Jr.
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Graduated in 2016 with a major in Performance. Principal instrument: drums.

Position: Business Development Representative (sales) at Building Engines, a large company which handles maintenance contracts for commercial real estate. Working as a BDR, the entry-level sales position, Mario’s job involves reaching out to businesss and attempting to set up a meeting with one of the more senior sales people.

Overview: Mario started going to Berklee while in middle school as part of Berklee’s City Music Program. By the time he graduated, he was feeling burned out on music, and he went to work as a bartender, which definitely helped refine Mario’s people skills. He did this until the pandemic hit in 2020, then figured it was time to find a new career. Mario’s first job was at a thrift store, but it was very stressful work for low pay.

Through a connection, he was put in tough with Building Engines. He was hired as a research associate in their sales department, and did well, but around 8 months in Mario wanted to make more money. He spoke with people across the company and they all recommended he go into sales. Mario spoke with the sales managers and they were convinced he had the needed ambition and gave him a shot.
You can see Mario’s LinkedIn profile here.

Choice Quotes: “I like the sales role becuase the money is good and I’m not being micromanaged. I also like change–the restaurant industry was feeling monotonous. Also, if I’m having a tough time that day, I’m encouraged to take a break. That freedom is liberating, I can get my work done when and how I want to get it done. I also love that I can go to anyone, not just my manager, and ask for advice and they’ll give it to me.”

“The #1 thing is Berklee taught me using my brain and mouth. Networking! Utilizing who I met and when I met them helped me a lot. I got to meet a lot of people. Having those experiences I got to communicate in ways I wasn’t used to.”

“Noone’s going to do it for you other than yourself. I wish I’d learned sooner to never take a break, never stop. Power through and be your own advocate. Noone’s going to help you. The more independent you are as a musician and businessperson, the better off you’ll be.”

“This year I joined a wedding band. My musical inspiration is coming back. I always wanted to gig and play. The goal is to still gig and tour and make music where I can. Music is still with me and whether it’s playing the same cheesy 20 songs at weddings, at least I’m still playing and I enjoy that.”





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