About Other Berklee Alumni

After a decade teaching part-time at Berklee, I was converted to full-time and promoted to Associate professor effective September 2015. Full-time duties include a deeper engagement with Berklee and the economics profession outside of the classoom. This page is part of that. I hope you find it interesting!

The “Other successful Berklee Grads” section contains recorded interviews with Berklee graduates who have successful, well-paying careers which are unrelated to music. Berklee pays enormous attention to the graduates in the music industry, but around 30% of graduates work in other fields and many are very successful. Apart from giving proper due to Berklee graduates who have forged their own path to professional success, my ultimate hope is that people still struggling to find their career path will find these interviews inspiring and useful! These interviews hopefully will continue on for many years to come. Message me if you’re potentially interested in being interviewed.


Happy reading (and listening)!
Kevin Block-Schwenk