BoCo Alumni Only

By Professional Field (plus Berklee major  & Top Post-Berklee Degree)


Computer Software EngineerJoanna Chen (Perf), Will Larche (MThtr ), Johann Schuster (Perf)

Education & Training


Interior DesignerKelly Martin (MThtr)

Management Consultant:  Tiffany Spearman (Dance)

Marketing & Sales:


M = Masters Degree

*** This person’s degree is irrelevant to their career and should not be considered a prerequisite for their field.

By Year of Graduation

2018Kiara Burns (Dance), Joanna Chen (Perf), Avery Stump (MThtr)

2014:   Connor Baty (MThtr), Anthony Divastanzo (MThtr), Johann Schuseter (Perf), Tyler Wolowicz (Perf; M)

2012:  Samantha Attaguile (Perf; M), Raleigh Bisbee (MThtr), Stephanie Caballero (MThtr; M) Aly Laughlin (MThtr), Kelli Kay (MThtr)

2011Ally Duncan (MThtr), Kelly Martin (MThtr)

2010Lauren Nedelman (MThtr)

2009:   Toby Cattolico (Perf ), Kalya Moen (MThtr), Dan O’Connor (MThtr), Betsy Simpson (VOpr)

2008:   Will Larche (MThtr), Tiffany Spearman (Dance )