Index of Music Business Alumni Only

By Professional Field (& Top Post-Berklee Degree)

This category includes people with double-majors in Music Business and something else.




Data Analysis:

Education & Training:

Fashion  :

Finance / Insurance


Marketing & Sales:

Medicine & Therapy:

Media  (TV/Radio/Film/Photography/Video)

Real Estate

M = Masters Degree (but not an MBA)

B = a second Bachelors Degree

*** Andy’s JD degree is irrelevant to his career and in no way should it be considered a prerequisite for this field.

By Year of Graduation

(And top post-Berklee degree earned)

2021Kevin Anand, Alex Chernik, Francesca Corrado

2019Mina AlaliYordani Awono, Alyssa Golden (M), Ananya Tanna, Kristen Zagalles-Ceberos

2018Jordan Johnson, Kara L’Heureux, Omar Perez

2017Kristin Corpuz. Emma Fairholm (JD)

2016Chelcie Gette, William Kiendl, John Lahr, Scott Vojik, Bradley Webb

2015:  Jessica ProutyCambria Russell-Herrera (f. Russell), Sarah Inoue Virk

2014:  Kyle Billings, Criss Burki, Rob CastellanoLeah Hinton, Rio Longoria, Ben MeyersJosh NachbarIndia Thomson

2013Jeffrey Arevalo, Stanislas BarraultTroy ChurchPrayre FinleyAdam KirschnerMax PohlJared WinegradShawn Young-Eagle

2012Scott BeardsworthChris Carlberg, Caitlin Clifford, Tara ComesMorgan MalloryJeremy Moccia

2011:  Ryan Driscoll, Sasha Foster (f. Taylor) (MBA), Ricky GonzalezRodney HarrisonKayla LeeGabriella Mastrangelo (f. Howard), Jack Reedy (M), Elizabeth Ricci, Tom Rockford (MBA)

2010:  Michael Benson, Joe Granata, Michael Ranieri (B), Mike SkaugeDan Thompson (M), Brittany Vendryes (JD), Chris Wadsworth

2009Claudia Caliano-Rida (f. Caliano), Sarah DemarcoJack Goodall (MBA), Doug Guttenberg (M), Brian Orlando, Mark Schafer, Adam Williamson (M)

2008:  Bob DeVaughn, Parker Ferguson, Alexander Gavurin (MBA), Zach MillerJesse ReeseCharlie ShaughnessyClay SouthworthMichael Wright

2007:  Patrick Brusil, Andrea D’AgostinoChristmas EgerRyan HeenanPhil LeeDebra Gail White

2006:  Tom BoatesScott Brown (JD), Jordan Cusner (MBA, J.D.***), Ben Maitland-LewisGlenn RomeroAndy Zhang (JD***)

2005:  Adam BalibanCharlotte Moore (MBA)

M = Masters Degree (but not an MBA)

*** Jordan’s and Andy’s JD degrees are irrelevant to their careers and in no way should be considered prerequisites for their fields.

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Everyone interviewed meets the following criteria:

  1. Graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Business (including double-majors).
  2. Berklee was their first Bachelors degree.
  3. Earns at least $45,000/year, or the equivalent in foreign currency.  (Some obviously earn a lot more than that.)
  4. Enjoys working in their field, and expects to continue to do so for years to come.