Index of non-Music Business Alumni Only

By Professional Field (plus Berklee major  & Top Post-Berklee Degree)



Data Analysis:  Casey Kidd (CWP)

Education & Training:

Engineering (non-software):

Finance / Accounting / Insurance:



Management ConsultantSusana Monsalve-Jones (MP&E + Film; MBA)

Marketing & Sales:

Media (TV/Radio/Film/Video):

Medicine and Therapy

(Print/Web) Publishing (Admin / Product Development):  Jonas Bergmann-Bjornsson (Film)

Real Estate AgentJacob Cohen (Perf)


M = Masters Degree

B = Bachelors Degree

AA = Associates Degree

*** This person’s degree is irrelevant to their career and should not be considered a prerequisite for their field.

By Year of Graduation

2018Sarah Furnari (Pro, M)

2017Ross Alexander (Film), Gustavo Beaujardin (Pro, MBA), Lucy Patterson (Film)

2016Jacy Anderson (Song + Pro), Alexander Bercow (EPD), Remy Felsch (Song), James Giannoni (Perf), Pamela Hrncir (Pro), Julian Lenz (EPD), Amy Puffer (MP&E)

2015:  Cam Bjork (EPD)

2014:  Luis Augusto (MP&E), Joe Barnard (MP&E), Bill Langdon (MP&E), Dylan Nelson (MP&E), Kevin Orlando (MP&E + MB), Beau Wright (EPD)

2013:  Jonas Bergmann-Bjornsson (Film), Valerie Blaemire (Film, MDevon Frampton (Perf + MB; JDAlexia Layne-Lomon (Pro.), Andrew Lee (EPD), Chelsea McKinney (MP&E), Ernie Mcmillan (Pro), Susana Monsalve-Jones (MP&E + Film; MBANicole Olver (Pro), Dany Orozco (MTh), Jon Reicher (Pro), Chantale Sterling (Pro)

2012:  Mark Bruning (CWP), Dawn-Marie Dunn (EPD + Pro), Dayle Duran (Pro + CWP; JD), Casey Kidd (CWP), Henry Leitzinger (Pro; MBA), Jonathan Lotson(Pro; M), Kenny Rosenberg (EPD; B), William Wetzel (MP&E; M), Dr. Sam Wood (MP&E, MD)

2011:  Eric Devaughn (Perf.), Thompson Egbo-Egbo (EPD), AJ Farley (Pro), Angela Miller (Film + Comp), Henry Moyerman (MP&E + EPD, M), Wellington Netto (Song), ZJ Olivarez (Comp), Jonathan Schwarz (CWP, M)

2010:  Ama Atobrah (EPD), Chloe Bean (CWP), Dan Berges (Perf; M), John Branch (EPD), Matt Clear (MP&E), Jacob Cohen (Perf), Mike Day (Pro), Arielle Guitar (Perf), Michael Hazani (Song.), Chris Hansen (Pro), Omid Majdi (MP&E), Shawn Mills (Perf, BDarsell Obregon (Perf + Song), Luke Ramus (Film; M), Adam Rosenwach (Pro), Rose Seyfried (EPD), Andrew Silverio (Pro; JDWill Stettler (Pro, M), J.C. Zwisler (Pro; JD)

2009:  Katie Amaral (EPD + MB; MAnthony Barden (Film; M), Will Cady (Pro), Chris Carlson (Pro), Marcel Hamel (Perf), Jeff Holden (Pro), Jordan Lenhoff (Pro; M), Jake Miller (Perf; MBA), Nick Potvin (Film, M), Jared Trace (JComp; M)

2008:  Matt Boyle (Pro), Owen Davies (MP&E, M), Anna Eliopoulos (MP&E + Perf), Chris Franzen (Song),  Conrad Hollomon (Film), Mary Jarchow (Pro), Loren Khulusi(MP&E), Brandon Noke (Pro), Stephanie Olmanni (EPD + Film; B), Priya Prins (MP&E; AA),  Michelle Pugliese (Perf; M), Santiago Sinisterra(MP&E)

2007:  Mark Dudek (Perf; MBA), King Yan Kwok (MTh, M), Braydon Nelson (Pro), John Sauer (J. Comp.)

2006:  Eric Hutchinson (Pro), Dr. Jenny Martin (Song; PsyD), J. Russell (MP&E; MBA), Tyler Witkin (Pro; M)

2005:  Kyle Batter (Comp. + Film; JD)

1999:  Dr. Dana Robertson (Perf; PhD)

1991:  Rev. Robert Bloodworth (Pro; M)

M = Masters Degree

B = Bachelors Degree

AA = Associates Degree

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Everyone interviewed meets the following criteria:

  1. Received their first Bachelors degree Berklee College of Music.
  2. Earns at least $45,000/year, or the equivalent in foreign currency.  (Some obviously earn a lot more than that.)
  3. Enjoys working in their field, and expects to continue to do so for years to come.