Index of non-Music Business Alumni Only

By Professional Field (plus Berklee major  & Top Post-Berklee Degree)



Data Analysis James Garry (Prof. Studies – Berklee Online),  Casey Kidd (CWP)

Education & Training:

Engineering (non-software):

Finance / Accounting / Insurance:



Management ConsultantSusana Monsalve-Jones (MP&E + Film; MBA)

Marketing & Sales:

Media (TV/Radio/Film/Video):

Medicine and Therapy


(Print/Web) Publishing (Admin / Product Development):  Jonas Bergmann-Bjornsson (Film)

Real Estate AgentJacob Cohen (Perf)


M = Masters Degree

B = Bachelors Degree

AA = Associates Degree

*** This person’s degree is irrelevant to their career and should not be considered a prerequisite for their field.

By Year of Graduation

2022:  Kayla Spellenberg (Comp)

2021:  Dustin Meadows (Production – BOL)

2020James Garry (Prof. Studies – BOL), Aaria Manchanda (Pro), Jaeman Park (EPD)

2018Rolla Campbell (EPD, M) Li Yin Cheok (MTh, M) Sarah Furnari (Pro, M), Lisa Jeong (Film, B), Krystina Lyons (Perf), Georgeta Seserman (Pro), Grace Stevenson (Perf)

2017Ross Alexander (Film), Gustavo Beaujardin (Pro, MBA), Lauren McNutt (Song), Lucy Patterson (Film), Sam Smalley (EPD, M, MBA)

2016Jacy Anderson (Song + Pro), Alexander Bercow (EPD), Remy Felsch (Song), James Giannoni (Perf), Pamela Hrncir (Pro), Julian Lenz (EPD), Amy Puffer (MP&E), Mario Taddeo Jr. (Perf), Ming Yu (MP&E), Zack Zebrowski (EPD)

2015:  Cam Bjork (EPD), Theo Hartlett (Song) Skyler Clark (Pro)

2014:  Luis Augusto (MP&E), Joe Barnard (MP&E), Kevin Clark (JComp + Film) Mike Hernandez (EPD), Bill Langdon (MP&E), Dylan Nelson (MP&E), Kevin Orlando (MP&E + MB), Beau Wright (EPD)

2013:  Jonas Bergmann-Bjornsson (Film), Valerie Blaemire (Film, M), Daphne Clark (MTh), Devon Frampton (Perf + MB; JDAlexia Layne-Lomon (Pro.), Andrew Lee (EPD), Chelsea McKinney (MP&E), Ernie Mcmillan (Pro), Susana Monsalve-Jones (MP&E + Film; MBANicole Olver (Pro), Dany Orozco (MTh), Jon Reicher (Pro), Chantale Sterling (Pro)

2012:  Mark Bruning (CWP), Dawn-Marie Dunn (EPD + Pro), Dayle Duran (Pro + CWP; JD), Casey Kidd (CWP), Henry Leitzinger (Pro; MBA), Jonathan Lotson(Pro; M), Kenny Rosenberg (EPD; B), William Wetzel (MP&E; M), Dr. Sam Wood (MP&E, MD)

2011:  Eric Devaughn (Perf.), Thompson Egbo-Egbo (EPD), AJ Farley (Pro), Angela Miller (Film + Comp), Henry Moyerman (MP&E + EPD, M), Wellington Netto (Song), ZJ Olivarez (Comp), Jonathan Schwarz (CWP, M)

2010:  Ama Atobrah (EPD), Dan Berges (Perf; M), John Branch (EPD), Matt Clear (MP&E), Jacob Cohen (Perf), Mike Day (Pro), Arielle Guitar (Perf), Michael Hazani (Song.), Chris Hansen (Pro), Omid Majdi (MP&E), Shawn Mills (Perf, BDarsell Obregon (Perf + Song), Luke Ramus (Film; M), Adam Rosenwach (Pro), Rose Seyfried (EPD), Andrew Silverio (Pro; JDWill Stettler (Pro, M), J.C. Zwisler (Pro; JD)

2009:  Katie Amaral (EPD + MB; MAnthony Barden (Film; M), Will Cady (Pro), Chris Carlson (Pro), Marcel Hamel (Perf), Jeff Holden (Pro), Jordan Lenhoff (Pro; M), Jake Miller (Perf; MBA), Nick Potvin (Film, M), Jared Trace (JComp; M)

2008:  Matt Boyle (Pro), Owen Davies (MP&E, M), Anna Eliopoulos (MP&E + Perf), Chris Franzen (Song),  Conrad Hollomon (Film), Mary Jarchow (Pro), Loren Khulusi(MP&E), Brandon Noke (Pro), Stephanie Olmanni (EPD + Film; B), Priya Prins (MP&E; AA),  Michelle Pugliese (Perf; M), Santiago Sinisterra(MP&E)

2007:  Mark Dudek (Perf; MBA), King Yan Kwok (MTh, M), Braydon Nelson (Pro), John Sauer (J. Comp.)

2006:  Eric Hutchinson (Pro), Dr. Jenny Martin (Song; PsyD), J. Russell (MP&E; MBA), Tyler Witkin (Pro; M)

2005:  Kyle Batter (Comp. + Film; JD)

1999:  Dr. Dana Robertson (Perf; PhD)

1991:  Rev. Robert Bloodworth (Pro; M)

M = Masters Degree

B = Bachelors Degree

AA = Associates Degree

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Everyone interviewed meets the following criteria:

  1. Received their first Bachelors degree Berklee College of Music.
  2. Earns at least $45,000/year, or the equivalent in foreign currency.  (Some obviously earn a lot more than that.)
  3. Enjoys working in their field, and expects to continue to do so for years to come.