Successful Berklee Alumni #188: Chelcie Gette

Chelcie Gette
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Graduated in 2016 with a major in Music Business. Principal instrument: voice.

Position: Senior Associate (recruiter) at IQ Talent Partners, a recruitment agency, thought she’s on a multi-person team who is contracted out to work long term for Splunk, a large tech firm. Chelcie does multiple phone screens of candidates each day, as well as search for candidates for open positions. She also works with the Splunk-employed hiring managers and lead recruiters who handle the final steps in the process.

Overview: While at Berklee Chelcie worked for over a year at an affiliated nonprofit, gaining valuable office work experience. After graduating in December, Chelcie moved to Nashville, and found work in the music industry as a director of client services at an artist development agency. It was good experience, but the pay was terrible and she started bartending–first as a side just, then as her main thing. She notices a group of guys who would be working on their computers all day, and asked who they work for. They replied IQ partners, Chelcie suggested she’s be interested in working at a job like that and they invited her to meet their boss at an “open hour”. Chelcie was hired as a (recruitment) associate in early 2019. After a year working for many different clients, she was promoted to senior associate and paired with Splunk.

You can see Chelcie’s LinkedIn profile here.

Choice Quotes: “I like the aspect of talking to people, including phone screens with candidates. I also enjoy the searching aspect. Also, I’ve learned a ton about different industries–sales organizations, security clearances, etc.”

“Partially I was lucky to fall into tech recruiting. But I also made sure my resume was good and I had as much experience as possible.

“You had to work really hard to do well at Berklee. That helped get me good habits.”

“Recruiting is a people industry–you’re working with people. I got in through relationships. Try to reach out to as many people as you can. Find a recruiter and ask to talk to them. Networking is so important!

“I started wanting to work in Music Business and be a singer. In Nashville I became more of an artist, and wanted a job that supports that. Especially a good job for a good company that has work-life balance and has flexible hours.”





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