Successful Berklee Alumni #94: Andrea D’Agostino

Andrea D’Agostino

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Graduated in 2007 with majors in Music Business and Songwriting.  Principal instrument:  voice.


Position:  Digital Content Marketing Manager at Subway.  (The restaurant chain, she works at their corporate headquarters.)  Andrea oversees the (domestic) general market and Hispanic market for social media marketing.  She works with agencies that do creative work, and checks that content is being created correctly and is both legal and right for Subway’s brand.


Overview:  Living in New York after finishing Berklee, Andrea tended bar, gigged, and book gigs.  She had two other day jobs:  working at a small company that put on events until it folded two years later, and working as a nanny for two more years until the family moved away.  A friend suggested that Andrea join her working at the Victoria’s Secret corporate headquarters as a full-time production coordinator; Andrea interviewed and took the job, despite some discomfort about leaving music.

The first year was tough, but Andrea connected well as she carved out her own, much more creative, niche.  She worked there for 4 more years, but in the last year her husband took a job in Connecticut and they moved out there.  She found the very long commute unpleasant, so she started applying to jobs in Connecticut, hearing back from Subway, which was looking to hire their first social media marketing people, and wrote her back after several months.  Andrea got her job there in the spring of 2016.


You can see Andrea’s LinkedIn profile here.


Choice Quotes:  “I really love working with creative. There are are a lot of similarities with music. I love throwing idea out and seeing them come to live–there was nothing and now there’s something.”

“A former boss there told me to ‘find a hole in the company and fill it. That’s how you get recognized and move up.’ Get your foot in the door, once it’s in you’ll have the chance to make a name for yourself.”


Andrea as a Berklee student. “Through Berklee I trained my brain to problem solve quickly, which has proven very valuable in my job.”









Andrea with friends. “Be kind to everyone–you have no idea whose path you’ll cross and who will be in a position to help. Pay it forward and helping others will return to you as well.”








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