Successful Berklee Alumni #112: Chris Carlberg

Chris Carlberg

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Graduated in 2012 with a major in Music Business.  Principal instrument:  guitar.


Position:  Financial Adviser (investment sales) at Edward Jones, a national, privately-held financial firm which specializes in personal investing.  Chris’s job is to find new individual/household investors, and help them choose the right investments to help them meet their financial goals.  “I’m essentially a business owner and Edward Jones backs me with materials, administrative support, and what I need to run my business.”


Overview:  A successful child actor and musician, Chris went to Berklee in his mid-20s when the recession hit and work dried up.  After graduating in under 3 years, Chris moved back home to L.A., where he reconnected with his old girlfriend (now fiancee).  Several months later, she was pregnant, and he frantically sought an income sufficient to support a family.  He worked 7 days/week at four jobs:  teaching music, producing, bartending, and gigging, but was feeling worn down by mid-2014 and posted on Facebook if anyone could hook him up with a better career.  A friend recommended him for an internet marketing manager for Scorpion, an internet marketing firm, and he got the job.

Chris stayed with Scorpion for 2 years, before deciding that he wanted to move to Oregon.  Unable to work remotely, he sought new employment and found a job with Edward Jones.  Ironically, just as his 10-week training (during which he got his Series 7 and Series 66 certifications) was wrapping up, he was informed that they no longer were placing new advisers in Oregon, so he elected to stay in L.A.  Chris has been there since, networking and building his business.


You can see Chris’s LinedIn profile here.


Choice Quotes: “There’s a big reward in professions where you’re helping people. I get to help people undersand how it all works, and also achieve their goals. I ease their stress about having to worry about this, and help them achieve those goals.   Also, a lot of my job involves meeting my neighbors.  I love being integrated into my community, and I get to make friends all day!””

“I’d equate it to a franchise, except that normally with a franchise you have to buy in with your own money. This is the same idea, but instead they bought into me–giving me a salary and training to get my Series 7, Series 66, and California licenses.”

“My life is my family. This job affords me to help my family in multiple ways.  I am able to make money to support them well and pay for vacations and other enrichment for my children, and the flexible hours allows me to spend time with my kids.”

“Certain Liberal Arts classes at Berklee really opened me up to appreciating learning. That again is a big reason I took this job, where I’m constantly learning new things–as a financial adviser I have to follow world events, politics, etc. and understand the impact on the markets.”

“Whatever it is you want to do / see happen, go do it!  We all have excuses, but we all have stuff we want to do.  If it’s meant to happen, make it happen!”



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