Successful Berklee Alumni #4: Gabriella Mastrangelo (formerly Howard)

Gabriella Mastrangelo (formerly Howard)

Gabriella Howard professional

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Graduated in 2011 with a major in Music Business (Entrepreneur Track), Principal Instrument:  Voice

Position:  Senior Administrative Associate at Boston Children’s Hospital.  She intends to stay in medicine, but is about to start a 14-month intensive program to become a Registered Nurse.

UPDATE December, 2018:  This spring Gabriella received her Bachelors in Science in Nursing (“BSN”) degree from MGH Institute of Health Professionals in Boston in the spring of 2018, took some time off to be with her baby, and just started a new position as a Registered Nurse at Melrose Wakefield Hospital.

Overview:  A few months after graduation, Gabriella contacted a temp agency and did many short-term administrative jobs, which supplemented her income from teaching music & figure skating part time.  After doing those for a few months, she realized she really wanted to work at Children’s hospital.  She found a part-time job on their website, applied, and got it.  Her good work and enthusiasm led to her taking on more hours and converting to full time after about 8 months.


You can see her Linkedin profile here.


Choice Quotes:  “(Certain Berklee classes) taught me professionalism:  deadlines, being cordial and professional, compassionate and understanding with the people you work with.  Those are thing I really carry with me every day.”

“Don’t lose sight of what you really want.  If you do stray away from it, that’s OK.  There are back roads to where you want to end up.  And it’s OK if you find your passions lie elsewhere. ”


Gabrielle Howard at Berklee

Gabriella as a Berklee student, giving it her all.  “Don’t just be good at something.  Be the BEST at something!”






Gabriella Howard marathon


Gabriella in the spring of 2015, still looking perky despite having just run the Boston Marathon!









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