Successful Berklee Alumni #224: William Kiendl

William Kiendl
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Graduated in 2016 with a major in Music Business. Principal instrument: cello.

Position: Creative Producer (project manager) at Meta (formerly Facebook). He works in the reality labs division (formerly Occulus) on all design-related things–both virtual reality and brand materials. William manages a team of designers, writing out the specs of what needs to be produced and making sure it’s delivered on time. William works from home, and much of his work is done in VR space.

Overview: While a Berklee student, William saw all that was happening with technology and wanted to get into it. He helped run a conference, “Hacking Arts”, in collaboration with M.I.T.. William’s work with this conference proved invaluable for his career. It led to a couple of internships in NYC after graduation. Then, when he was unemployed in 2017, William reconnected with someone he’d met at the conference, which resulted in him getting hired at Google as a production coordinator on Google’s events and experiences team, based in San Francisco. For a year and a half he’d be going from place to place, building stages, etc. But it was a lot of running around and didn’t feel sustainable. He searched for other oppotunities and was hired in to his current position.

You can see William’s LinkedIn profile here.

Choice Quotes:

“Every day is a new challenge, think creatively, be scrappy, the outcomes can be different. Through tech there’s a lot more possible, different solutions to different things. Working with design is very creative, too.”

“Don’t lose your confidence; continue to think big. We artists are gifted with our craft. You can bring that same thinking to your non-music career. Creative thinking and Berklee are often celebrated in industry!”

“There’s a few folks from an events background. Project management can be managing a band! Make sure you can hone in on what you want and where you want to work. You have to identify the applicable skill sets, then learn and grown what’s missing. I had to go from events to digital to media.”





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