Successful Berklee Alumni #237: Jacob Stephens

Jacob Stephens
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Graduated in 2021 with a major in Music Business. Principal instrument: drums.

Position: Account executive at Billion Dollar Boy, a Tiktok influencer agency with around 150 employees, helping negotiate promotions between brands and influencers. Jacob helps find influencers for ad campaigns, making sure the videos match what the company wants in the campaign. He’d in contact mainly with influencers, but also brands.

Side job: Jacob has his own clothing brand, INFORCE Clothing.

Overview: Jacob launched INFORCE Clothing in the fall of 2019, about halfway through Berklee. As part of this, he’d post parties that would attract 200+ people…then the pandemic hit and that all stopped. After graduation, Jacob was living in L.A., and had a job at Banana Republic. His mother suggested he go to grad school. Jacob applied to both Berklee NYC and Parsons School of Design for a Masters in Fashion Management. He didn’t get into Berklee NYC, but after initially being waitlisted was admittedto Parsons for this one-year program, starting in the fall of 2021. While in grad school he did an internship in social media marketing and liked it, thinking it would be a good career. A bit after grad school wrapped up he mentioned this to a friend whose sister worked at Billion Dollar Boy, and through that connection he got an interview and was hired into his position.

You can see Jacob’s LinkedIn profile here.

Choice Quotes: “My main job is great–it gives me an inside view of how brands build their influencing marketing campaigns, how they meet their goals. It’s cool to get to build something from beginning to end. The whole process is fun for me!”

“The basics of business is all the same, but the nuances of the industry are different. You can build a record label, then if you transition to fashion you just have to learn the details of that industry.”

“Berklee prepared me for all the ups and downs of life. At Berklee you go through the mental battle of if you’re good enough. Then you lean to practice and practice until you get better.”

“As they say, your network is your net worth. Really use the people you know. I’ve learned how many people are doing cool things in the world. I’ve gotten opportunities just from who I met at Berklee. I got out of my rut by being inspired by others.”

“If you want to go into social media marketing, if you’re still a Berklee studetn DEFINITELY market caf shows and other small shows–that experience will be extremely valuable. For fashion, you’re near so many different schools. Go out there and do your research. I did a lot of research–google, YouTube. Just go and do it.”

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